Prof. Sun Xian-He (USA)

Member of the Overseas Experts Consultative Committee of the State Council Overseas Chinese Office

Overseas Assessment Experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dr. Sun Xian-He is a distinguished professor of Computer Science and the past Chairman of the Department of Computer Science at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), USA. He is an IEEE fellow, a guest faculty at the US Argonne National Laboratory, and the director of the Scalable Computing Software Laboratory at IIT. Dr. Sun is the Associate Editor-in-Chief (AEIC) of the IEEE Computer Science (CS) society’s flagship journal, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS). He received the Award for Overseas Outstanding Contributions from the China Computer Federation in 2018 and received the IEEE CS Golden Core award from the IEEE CS society in 2017.

Dr. Sun’s memory-bounded (also called Sun-Ni's law) and memory access delay performance models are introduced in many modern textbooks and are considered critical in the performance evaluation of scalable computing systems. His recent work, the Concurrent Average Memory Access Time (Concurrent-AMAT, C-AMAT, 2013) model, has attracted extensive attention from media, industry, and academia and is considered by many as an essential tool for solving big data problems.  Dr. Sun is a member of the Overseas Expert Advisory Committee of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and a member of the Overseas Expert Board of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).