Prof. Thomas Chang (Canada)

Inventor of Artificial Cells, He invented and prepared the first artificial cell (Chang, Hon B.Sc. research report.  McGill University,1957). He continued this research in McGill medical school then Ph.D. (Chang Science 1964, Nature 1971, monograph 1972). ARTIFICIAL CELL evolves into nanomedicine, biotherapeutics, blood substitutes, drug delivery, enzyme/gene therapy, cancer therapy, cell/stem cell therapy, nanoparticles, liposomes, bioencapsulation, replicating synthetic cells, cell encapsulation/scaffold, biosorbent/immunosorbent haemoperfusion/plasmapheresis, regenerative medicine, encapsulated microbe, nanobiotechnology, nanotechnology.

Director, Artificial Cells & Organs Research Centre, McGill University

Emeritus Professor, Departments of Physiology, Medicine & Biomedical Engineering

Faculty of Medicine, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Voted as the Greatest McGillian in McGill’s 190 year history  

Fellow, Royal Society of Science of Canada FRS(C)

Fellow, Royal College of Physician of Canada FRCPC

Officer of the Order of Canada O.C.

Honorary Professor, Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, China

Honorary Professor, Blood Transfusion Institute, Chinese Academy Medical Sciences, China

Honorary Professor, Nankai University, China

Honorary Professor, Shantou University Medical College, China

Honorary President, Artificial Cells, Blood Substitutes & Biotechnology (an international network)

Honorary President, International Society of Nanomedical Sciences

Editor in Chief, Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine & Biotechnology, an international Journal,

Taylors and Francis Publisher,UK

Editor in Chief, Regenerative Medicine, Artificial Cells & Nanomedicine, Book Series,

World Publisher/Imperial College Press.