Prof. Eliezer Rabinovici (Israel)

Chairman of the High Energies Committee at the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, recipient of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)’s 2019 Award for Science Diplomacy.

Eliezer Rabinovici CV

Born : Jerusalem - May 27, 1946

Nationality : Israeli

Marital Status : Married; three children

- 1969 : B.Sc. in Mathematics and Physics, The Hebrew University - Jerusalem, Israel

- 1971 : M.Sc. in Physics, The Hebrew University

- 1974 : Ph.D. in High Energy Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science

- 1975-1976 : Research Associate at Fermilab, Batavia, Il. USA

- 1976/77 : Research Associate at Lawrence Berkeley Radiation Laboratory,

- 1977 : Senior Lecturer, Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University

- 1981 : Associate Professor, The Hebrew University

- 1985 : Professor of Physics, The Hebrew University

- 2005 : Leon H. and Ada G. Miller Chair of Science

 -2015 :  Leon H. and Ada G. Miller Chair of Science(Emeritus)


Scientific Publications:

Over 150 publications in theoretical high energy physics in refereed journals and books. Many invited lectures including named ones.


Honors : Invited visiting positions and chairs

- Kramers Professor – Utrecht(1996).

- Miller Professor – University of California Berkeley (2003).

- Humboldt Professor- LMU and MPI Golm ( 2006-2012).

- Leverhulme Visiting Professor - Imperial College London (2012)

- Blaise Pascal International Chair (2013-2015) Paris  

-Distinguished Louis Michel Professor- IHES Paris (2016-  )

-Distinguished Simmons Professor (2014)- KITP UC Santa Barbara

- AAAS Science for Diplomcay Prize -2019 (with 4 others)


Some Extended Visiting Professor positions:

- University of Michigan Ann Arbor; UC Berkeley; Max Planck Institute Berlin; CERN; University of Chicago; University of Geneva; Imperial College London; Max Planck Institute Munich; University VI of Paris and ENS Paris; IAS Princeton (member); Rutgers University; KITP; SISSA Trieste; Stanford University; University of Tokyo; University of Utrecht


Some Past and present Responsibilities:

-Co-Director of Physics Schools at Cargese-France, Les-Houches-France, Theoretical Physics Winter school Jeursalem.

-Director-Institute for Advanced Studies-Hebrew University, Jeursalem.

-Chairman of the Israeli High Energy Committee (to the present)

-Israeli Scientific delegate to the CERN Council and VP of the CERN Council(2016-2018).

-Member HEP-EPS board

-Elected International Councilor of the American Physical Society (2015-2018)

-Chariman  Racah Institute of Physics –Hebrew University-Jerusalem-Israel

-Chairperson Hebrew University Committee for the Examiniation of the Gender composition  at the Hebrew University(2001)

-- Chairman of the Israeli Committee for Sesame (to present), an Israeli delegate to the Sesame council and VP elect of the council. One of the founders of  Sesame.

-Member International advisory committee(present) and scientific committee GGI- Fierenze.

-Elected Member of the EPS Executive Board(present)