Academic Program


  • Plenary Session

Six plenary lectures will be given by the Nobel Laureates and the Eminent Scientists. Each lecture will last 90 minutes, including time for questions and answers. Students are required to attend all lectures.

  • Panel

The Panel Discussion in ASC 2019 is a discussion between all students and a panel of speakers, and a moderator will conduct the session. Each speaker will share their respective thoughts on the topic briefly. 

  • Parallel Lectures

Three parallel lectures will be given by the Nobel Laureates and the Distinguished Scientists. Each lecture will last 1 hour, including time for questions and answers. It is mandatory for students to attend all lectures.

  • Scientist Office Hour

Free talk between the Nobel Laureates/Distinguished Scientists and the students. The students are encouraged to raise questions and voice their opinions.

  • Poster Review

Students will be formed into different teams, each team consists of 5-8 students. All members of the team should work together, particularly in the Group Activity, Poster Preparation, and Poster Review Sessions. Each team prepares one poster to be presented at the Poster Presentation session. The poster should be on the theme and should be drawn by hand on the drawing sheet provided to each team.The theme for the Poster Review will be released on the first day of ASC 2019.
Students will be provided with equipment for creating their posters. This includes drawing sheet and writing material. At the Poster Review Session, members of each team should stand in front of their poster to present their work and answer questions.


Sightseeing and excursions


  • Visit of Historical and Local Tourism places in Shantou
  • Visit of Campus and Labs
  • Cultural program